About Us

Tá Francisco

Ta Francisco Cigars was established in Tampa, Florida in 2004 by Julia Rojas. Ms. Rojas is a descendant of a family with a rich history in the traditions of cigar making. Cigar connoisseurs do not typically smoke mass produced cigars that are made by machines, but opt for premium handmade cigars that are made by professional cigar rollers. Ms Rojas is of Cuba decent with an unlimited amount of experience, which was acquired at the infamous Cuban factory called H Upmann. She began working there at age of 17, now giving her 23 years of defined experience; and she has used that experience to define herself as a professor of a new generation of cigar makers, in which cigars would be created with pride. Tá Francisco Cigars has the ability and understanding in the beautiful art of Cigar Making.

Our Product

Tá Francisco Cigars offers a wide range of choices, with sizes and shapes whose strength goes from medium to high, these cigars provide smokers with a unique and exquisite aroma and a pleasing palate. Our products are carefully selected and naturally preserved. So enjoy the good life, and celebrate your status as a cigar connoisseur with us at TA Francisco! Our employees are ready to give you a warm welcome and lots of help at any time. We take time with you and your individual needs and wishes. We will help you find just the right thing at our store.